Hey Rokit Fuel:Those NutriBites are and were amazing. The ones I ate as I left were so so good and the peanut butter ones I saved for the race were just as good. You are really on to something now with these bites. Also the new Super Cereal cups for were awesome to have for my race they worked perfectly for the morning of as I drove out to antelope island for the race. I ended up with a personal record for the course at a 7 hour 24 mins for the 50 miles and I was 7th overall and 2nd in the 30-39 age. I am excited to continue to help rokit fuel get bigger and better.

Heath Thurston - Triathlete

Please know that you just fed a scrumptious power nutrition (NutriBites) to a runner who just ran a marathon (yesterday... in the pouring rain -yep rain for 26.2 miles, non stop...)

My appetite always comes the day AFTER a long run..and it seems to be incurable, I had a good breakfast and good veggie bowl for lunch and then I received the package from you after lunch. I was only going to "try" the product, I ATE THE WHOLE THING, it was amazing, I could see the seeds, I could feel the chia seeds this nutrient magic was unlike one Ive ever had, I'm assuming there are at least 300 calories in it, but I ate it all. I'd love to know more about it, I know when it goes public it will be one of your most popular items!!!!

Erica Browning - Rad Runner Girl

Rokit Fuel is my favorite pre-race meal. I love that it is easily digestible, gives me great energy, does NOT sit like a rock in my stomach and provides me with energy that doesn't all come from sugar. My tummy is super sensitive on race day and I hate visiting the bushes and having cramps. Thank you for ending that. I also love that it has a good amount of calories. It's enough for a meal, but not too much to digest before a long run or race.

Trish Johnson - Austin TX

Rokit fuel rocks. Fast. Convenient. Surprisingly delicious. With the simple mix procedure we were ready for 'cardboard mash' but found ourselves taken back with the exceptional flavor. Outdoorsmen everywhere need to know about Rokit fuel - hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers - this beats the shoes off oatmeal and power bars. Send some of your banners and advertising material to us so we can share it with others. outdoorsman.com

Jared Nicols

This morning I had out my "stud muffin" Rokit Fuel and was eating it dry. My husband got out Apple Jacks for our 2 year old to eat since it seemed more "kid friendly." Our son ate a few bites of his cold cereal and then started showing interest in what I was eating. I gave him a bite and he was hooked! He didn't go back to his Apple Jacks the rest of breakfast time. All he wanted was Rokit Fuel and he absolutely loved it! Rokit Fuel is an awesome healthy choice for me and my family and I was excited to see that kids love it too!

Crystal Krebs, Mother in Utah

Thanks for sending me some Rokit Fuel- I LOVE IT!!!! Really really awesome! I can't wait until I get to training for my next ultra so I can eat even more carbs! I've tried each flavor 1. dry 2. with cold milk 3. cooked with milk in the microwave. Pumpkin Chocolate so far is my favorite flavor. I love the package designs, and it's so convenient to be able to grab and take with me when I'm heading out to the gym or the trail. Thanks for making a great product to keep us endurance athletes well-fueled!

Georgie Fear, askgeorgie.com

It is my pleasure to offer my tried and proven endorsement of Rokit Fuel. It will certainly be in my pack on all future [mountain] climbs, ultra endurance events and anytime I simply want to kick-start my day.

Ken Chlouber - Colorado

I just found Rokit Fuel a few weeks ago and fell in LOVE with it! So yummy and filling! In fact, I love it so much that I've made it the prize for a contest on my blog. I'll be sending the winner of my recipe contest 3 of the individual packets of Rokit Fuel. I'm excited because most of my readers have probably never heard of Rokit Fuel and SO MANY of them would love it. Thanks for making such a great product!

Food Blogger Lis

I would think that something of this nutritional makeup (fairly high in calories and fat) would make for a great meal replacement while participating in outdoor sports (i.e., adventure racing, climbing, mountaineering, ultra running, very long bike rides, etc). I could see buying this for a camping trip of mine too.

Jocylyn Vande Velde - Wisconsin

I must say that your packaging is fantastic. It would appear to me that you're now ready for prime time. I had two packages for breakfast and I think it's your best work yet... makes me wonder what else you may come up with in the future. I think it's a fantastic project in a very good strong niche where there is no competition and lots of room to grow.

Steven Aldana, PhD - Utah

I am a physician practicing in American Fork, Utah. I am an avid runner and triathlete. I have competed in 15 events this year. I first tried your product from a goody bag provided at a run (can't remember which). You gave me more samples when I visited with you at your booth at the St George marathon this year. My main purpose in contacting you is that I enjoy the whole food, complex carbohydrate, minimally processed products you have created. Personally I felt a more steady energy supply when consuming your products. I also like the taste and texture. Thanks for creating a great product.

Scott Mumford, M.D. - Utah

Nutritionally [Rokit Fuel] changed my life. The product gives you so much energy. I can sail through my workouts and feel great afterwards. Now I only eat whole foods, nothing processed. I plan to compete in a figure competition in September and April. I would love to complete an Ironman Triathlon with my husband. Rokit Fuel tastes incredible and I have been telling everyone about it. If you want to be healthier and eat natural, unprocessed food without even realizing it, try Rokit Fuel. I eat it anytime of day for a pick me up, it’s that good. I eat it by the spoonful right out of the bag! With the help of Rokit Fuel and healthy eating and exercise, I have lost almost 40 pounds and look and feel twenty at 41!

Michelle Bigler - Utah